Fuisz Media

Senior Lead Front End Dev

2014 - 18months


Fuisz turns any video into an interactive experience, allowing the viewer to touch, hover or click on any object to discover new content. This can include product information, innovative branded experiences, direct links to company websites and the ability to buy the item. Fuisz works with the world’s top advertising agencies and global brands such...


2 Backend JS Dev


Angular 1.6, NodeJS, expressjs, mongodb.


Designed and built whole new angular.js studio for clients and managers to create interactive video experiences.

The studio comprised of a tagging tool where you can identify items to be tracked. A theme builder and individual content block editor that are displayed when users interact with the items in the video. I also built an analytics dashboard with reports of video performances

I joined the team when we were 4 and slowly built the team to 12 where I was leading 3 front end developers, each working on different aspects of the studio and experiences.

Fuisz Media Interactive Product Showcase

new angular.js studio

REACT Studio Lite

old studio

fuiszmedia-video-studio-1 fuiszmedia-video-studio-2