Nike Snowboarding

Front End Developer



Nike make shoes, swoosh.

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2 Designers
1 Project Manager


HTML5, scss, js.


Nike Snowboarding wanted to build anticipation of two upcoming exclusive snowboarding videos by releasing 14 online trailers.

We designed and built this responsive mini site with full background videos. Each week a new video would be released until the main 2 videos launched. The menu scrolls along with your mouse and previews the individual trailers on hover.

As the original brief was quite vague, we didn't know how much editorial or product content we were getting along with the videos. I quickly built 4 prototypes in a day using yeoman / html5 boilerplate. They really helped communicate our ideas to the client for feedback that ended up shaping the final product.

nike-snowboarding-never-not-2 nike-snowboarding-never-not-3 nike-snowboarding-never-not-4 nike-snowboarding-never-not-1